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Welcome to KRSS

The research support by Knowledge and Research Support Services (KRSS) is the docility of UMT’s Strategic Vision 2030. Research priorities set by the Hon. President UMT, Rector UMT and Advisor Research and Academic Excellence with the aim to uplift university across the global academic landscape. UMT’s research capacity is growing as evident by an increasing number of research articles published each year, active research groups, research centers and higher degree programs offered by the university.

As strategic partner of UMT in the area of research KRSS is committed to provide all possible research support to university’s research initiatives and has a key role in providing resources, professional advice, training and collating the research output. KRSS engagement with the research process is determined in part by the new competitive research environment and the increase in sophisticated online content and tools available to researchers.

UMT Strategic Plan 2025 provides a framework for KRSS engagement and research support in the academic process. Operations are reviewed constantly to warrant their continued relevance to UMT’s research priorities.

Who We Are

Universities across the globe have taken steps to reform themselves by developing research support platforms, aimed to provide researchers with innovative information services, research support trainings and enhancing research facilities at university campuses. So, with the changing research environment and the emerging multidimensional needs of university researchers, an innovative and enriched research support services portfolio featuring research consultation, research guides, and research tools recommendation needs to be introduced. It would make research support services more diverse and well-organized. Knowledge and Research Support Services (KRSS) at the University of Management and Technology is the outcome of that vision, dedicated to improve the quality of research at UMT. It has a multifaceted role that includes providing trainings for research, journal publishing, recording the research output and extricating research analytics.

Our Vision is to

The Office of Knowledge and Research Support Services (KRSS) provides conducive environment to facilitate, train and encourage UMT researchers.

Our Mission is to

To enable the research community of UMT to strive for excellence KRSS thus:

  • Develops partnership with UMT researchers to create a strong research culture
  • Promotes ethical values and integrity in conducting research
  • Maintains research archives and presents their analytics
  • Responsible for coordinated efforts, transparent research administration, and streamlined processes
  • Inculcates an intensive research environment and awareness, aiding to publish it
  • Is responsible to develop a strong network of UMT researchers within and out of the country
  • Supports for a strong and integrated research infrastructure and encourages interdisciplinary research
  • Publishes quality research in the form of UMT journals and takes initiatives for their promotion

Our Values and Principles

  • Strengthen a strong and vibrant community of researchers to advance the research culture
  • Develop an uncompromising attitude towards the integrity and veracity of our researchers and the research produced
  • Foster an environment that encourages innovation and critical thinking
  • Strives to work towards an ethical and honest collaboration with its researchers to enable a professional association
  • We are committed to respect all our valued researchers as they are our asset and process partners. give respect and have respect and treat with our valued researchers with honor. We consider them our process partners and work with them, as valued colleagues, through open communication, collaboration, partnership, integrity and respect in order to achieve our common goals.
  • We appreciate novel ideas, innovation and critical thinking and believe in fairness, adaptability, flexibility to create research centered services
  • Our suggestions are based on openness and honesty, just to enhance the value of UMT. We promote research integrity based on ethical principles
  • We believe in building long term relationships with our authors, reviewers, clients and communicate with them openly and fairly
  • We are committed to provide best possible services to our researchers at the highest level of quality for uplifting UMT image

Muhamad Rafiq Awan


[email protected]

Director's Message

KRSS aims to facilitate the research activities being carried out at UMT. We ensure the quality, relevance and credibility by the globally accepted ranking agencies. The website provides access to the research produced at UMT as well as material on conducting research. The prime focus of KRSS is to strive for excellence in research and to bring about innovative practices in this field. The center also streamlines and improves the efficiency of research by connecting the faculty, students and organizations. It also guides the researchers in getting their research published in relevant journals including UMT journals. KRSS also aims to help researchers to stay abreast of various domestic and international research policies including HEC and COPE. It encourages feedback from all the relevant stakeholders in order to improve the quality of research.